Baggage handling

You can freely bring easy-to-carry hand luggage into the bus. You can also bring a suitcase / bag with a weight of up to 20 kg for each traveler.

Hand luggage must be placed so that it does not annoy travelers or prevent entry and exit

Stroller on the bus

Baby carriage (foldable) you can bring along as long as there is space and the driver decides where this should be placed in the trunk.

Bicycle on the bus

Unfortunately, we cannot bring bikes due to our luggage space.

Location of luggage in the bus

It is important that your luggage is placed on the right side of the trunk of the bus.

We serve stops along the way so you cannot stand on the left side of the bus and take out luggage.

Customers who are going to Oslo Bussterminal can use left luggage space, customers who have to leave at other stops must use higher luggage space this is for everyone’s safety.

Examples of luggage you cannot bring with you

  • Bicycle, canoe, kayak and other things that take up a lot of space
  • Explosives and other luggage that could be a security risk
  • Motor vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and electric wheelchairs
  • Large animal cages
  • Packages and goods

Have you forgotten something in the bus?

Travel terms regarding luggage

Excerpt from


§ 9 Hand luggage

Travelers can freely bring easy-to-handle items (hand luggage) with a total weight of up to 20 kg for each ticket. The luggage must be placed so that it does not annoy the traveler or prevent entry and exit.

f. Liability and compensation for luggage

i. Unibuss Ekspress is not responsible for any loss or damage to luggage, unless it is due to negligence on our part. We therefore recommend that you take out travel insurance, see also chapter || § 12 “Conditions for transport with scheduled bus transport in Norway”.

ii. You must make sure that you bring your own luggage when departing. Baggage stretches are clearly marked with the name of the phone number. Unfortunately, the driver does not have the opportunity to verify that everyone is carrying the right luggage, and Unibuss Ekspress is not liable for loss of luggage or damage to other travelers.

In case of confusion of luggage, our support office will, on request, try to put you in contact with the person who has mistaken their luggage.