Rules and facilities

We have a great focus on safety and comfort, therefore our buses are equipped accordingly.

Our new buses are equipped with among other things

• WC

• USB charger

• Integrated child seats

• Wheelchair Ramp

• Alcohol lock

“Use safety belt also on the bus, that’s the smart choice”

All our buses have child seats available

Child seats can be reserved up to 24 hours before the scheduled time on weekdays.

Reservation of child seat is done by email: or by phone +47 67 98 04 80.

All buses have 4 integrated child seats, for children who can sit upright alone (over 3 years). There are seat cushions for larger children in all our buses.

If you need your own approved infant seat, please bring this yourself

Do not disturb the driver when the bus is running

We at Torp Ekspressen want that all our passengers to be as safe on the journey as possible. Therefore, it is important not to disturb the driver while the bus is running.

Travel conditions

Utdrag fra

§ 6 Smoking and drugs

No smoking should be prohibited. Use of alcoholic beverages or other drugs is prohibited.

§ 7 Disturbances

The wagon staff may refuse to bring travelers who are visibly influenced by drugs or who may otherwise become a disadvantage or discomfort to the other travelers. Travelers who act indecently or otherwise annoy the other passengers may be disregarded if they do not comply with the request of the carriage service.