Children traveling alone

We want all children traveling alone to feel safe, therefore we recommend that the child is at least 10 years old to travel alone.

Younger children can also travel alone, but then we want you to contact us ahead of time.

Unibuss Ekspress AS

 +47 67 98 04 80

Mandag-fredag: 08:00-16:00


It is important to prepare the child for the journey

  • Inform the child about travel time and whether there are breaks on the journey
  • Inform the child about facilities on the bus
  • Follow the child on the bus so that you are sure the child will be on the right bus and wait with the child for departure
  • For a long bus journey, it is wise to give the child something to work for me
  • It is advisable to travel with the child the same route once before sending the child on tour alone

It is important for the child to bring along with the sender’s and recipient’s name, address and telephone number.